Diversity & Inclusion

DFA’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative gathered more than 50 managers and supervisors across the division in the fall of 2020 for a series of workshops. Workshop objectives were (1) reinforce UC's values of diversity, equity, and inclusion; (2) raise awareness of implicit bias through completing UC's training series on managing implicit bias; (3) create a DFA diversity and inclusion statement; and (4) chart action steps to embody our commitment to diversity across our division.

As a result, diversity & inclusion was added to DFA’s values and strategy map. In February 2021, DFA's Diversity & Inclusion workgroup was formed with members across the various DFA departments. Following are four committees:

  • Recruitment – enhance diversity of talent and promote inclusivity through recruitment actions.
  • Communications – communicate to promote D&I.
  • Training & Development – advance learning and culture of diversity & inclusive excellence.
  • Metrics – measure progress, success, and continuous improvement of D&I.

Workgroup’s mission:

  • Contribute to promoting a culture of diversity & inclusive excellence in DFA.
  • Develop, implement, and track division-wide diversity initiatives.
  • Establish and track diversity metrics.

D&I Goals Overview:

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Goal 1

Create Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

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Goal 2

Create Diversity Dialogue in DFA Newsletter

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Goal 3

Create and Execute Awareness Campaign for BE WELL Website

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Goal 4

Office of Inclusive Excellence Presentation at DFA Town Hall

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Goal 5

Develop Expanding Diversity & Inclusion Hiring Guide

Workgroup Members on Diversity & Inclusion: