Records Management

Records Management

All UCI employees who handle administrative records are responsible for the efficient and systematic management of their creation, receipt, maintenance, use, and disposition, in accordance with relevant laws and university policy. All records are owned by The Regents of the University of California, and most should be discarded in a timely manner in accordance to the UC Records Retention Schedule. Other records have enduring historical value and should be retained permanently in the UCI Archives.

New: 10 Things to Think About Records as You Return to Your Office to Work

UC's Records Management Committee released their 10 important tips to think about records as many people return to work at on-campus locations.

Scanning, Storage & Shredding

Most day-to-day records are now created and stored in electronic format departments may wish to address physical records by scanning, shredding, or storing them off site.

Record Scanning:

Records Storage:

  • Iron Mountain is the university's preferred vendor for offsite records storage.

Shredding Services:

  • Iron Mountain is the university's preferred vendor for shredding services.

Additional Resources:

Records Related to Research

The UC Contract and Grant Manual contains a comprehensive chapter on Records/Paperwork Access and Management. A matrix of retention and disposition requirements for Administrative Records Related to Research has been compiled by the UC Vice Provost for Research. In all instances, contracts associated with extramural funding should be consulted for specific retention and disposition requirements applicable to an individual award.