Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Metrics

Managing Implicit Bias Training

The UC Managing Implicit Bias Series is a six-course online training series designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the university.

The series reinforces the UC diversity, equity, and inclusion values that enable the university to attract and retain a top talent workforce, and it further supports the UC commitment to developing effective leaders and managers of people. It is intended to supplement existing location programs and resources.

DFA has set a goal for all managers and supervisors and a stretch goal for all staff to complete the training.

completion of managers and supervisors

completion all staff

Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program

The Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program advances UCI’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and free speech. The program involves completing a 10-week core course (UCI as a Minority Thriving University) and a 10-week elective course (Wellness elective course or Community elective course).

In an effort to promote a culture of inclusive excellence, DFA tracks the number of graduates from UCI Inclusive Excellence Certificate program who are DFA employees. As of December 2021, DFA has the highest number of graduates among UCI’s administrative units – 18.

For more information about the program, visit https://inclusion.uci.edu/inclusive-excellence-certificate-program/.