DFA's Vision, Mission, and Values

We are With U • For U. We are proud to support the UC Irvine community.
Our vision, mission, and values set our direction, guide our decisions, and foster a shared culture.

compass vision


A vision statement expresses what an organization aspires to achieve or become in the future.

Advance UC Irvine’s strategic goals and priorities through leadership in resource management, sustainability, and innovation while fostering a commitment to inclusive excellence.

compass mission


A mission statement helps define the “why” of an organization and how it creates value for the people they serve.

Serve as planning partners, problem solvers, and solution providers to manage UC Irvine’s financial and physical resources effectively and efficiently in support of its academic, research, service, and health missions. We are With U • For U.

compass values


Along with our vision and mission statements, it is important to understand our values. Values are statements of what an organization believes in, helps us in the decision-making process, and drive our behavior. Ultimately, it’s a set of guiding principles to align us as one.


Strive to be responsible and reliable partners that prioritize ethical decision-making, transparency, and accountability in all our actions.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Optimize work structures, methods, and tools to deliver more value to our campus community.

Health & Safety

Establish and maintain a safe and healthy workplace that nurtures employee well-being and operational excellence to foster sustainable growth.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Promote and embody a culture where everyone feels they are a valued and respected member of our campus community.


Collaborate and create synergies within the division and across various partners.

Change & Innovation

Embrace change in the spirit of continuous process improvement and encourage each employee to invest in learning and development opportunities.