Mission, Vision, and Values

We are With U • For U. We are proud to support the UCI community.


In 2018, we introduced our mission, vision, and values to unite our division and operate as one. Our mission, vision, and values set our direction, guide decisions, and foster a shared culture.

The Division of Finance and Administration serves all UCI students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We are With U • For U—working alongside you, in support of you—as planning partners, problem solvers, and solution providers. We maintain a safe and attractive physical environment, offer professional services and support, and are committed to diversity and inclusive excellence.

As UCI continues to grow and expand, our division will support the university through exceptional customer service, excellence, and innovation.


Mission: Advance UCI's Brilliant Future

A mission statement helps define the “why” of an organization and how it creates value for the people they serve. Our mission is to Advance UCI’s Brilliant Future.

We identify with the forward momentum in the word “advance,” and “brilliant future” is what connects us to UCI - we serve UCI’s faculty, staff, students, and community, and we work together to advance UCI’s brilliant future.


Vision: World-Class Campus Partners

A vision statement expresses what an organization aspires to achieve or become in the future. Our vision is to become World-Class Campus Partners.

Being “world-class” means being of the highest caliber, making a commitment to excellence. “Partners” embodies our service orientation and collaboration, and growth mindset.

Our vision is aspirational. It’s ambitious and exciting, and it’s calling us to think and act differently—to stop at nothing


Values: Health & Safety • Diversity & Inclusion • Integrity • Teamwork • Change & Innovation 

Along with our mission and vision statements, it is important to understand our values. Values are statements of what an organization believes in, helps us in the decision-making process, and drive our behavior. Ultimately, it’s a set of guiding principles to align us as one. Our values are: Health and Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, Integrity, Teamwork, Change and Innovation.

  • Health & Safety: We implement programs that ensure, promote, and sustain the health and safety of all departments and units in our university and community.

  • Diversity & Inclusion: We are committed to promoting a culture of diversity and inclusive excellence in DFA, where everyone feels right in place as a valued and respected member of our community.

  • Integrity: We do what is right. Always, even when it is not convenient or easy. We are responsible and reliable partners.

  • Teamwork: We work together as a team. Our departments collaborate and create synergies in our operations and processes. We cooperate with our campus partners.

  • Change & Innovation: We embrace change. We are focused on continuous improvement and encourage each employee to invest in learning and development opportunities.

Our mission, vision, and values empower us to dream big and position us for future success. We are one division. We are With U • For U.