Program Development and Execution

Program Development and Execution
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Program Development and Execution (PDE) provides project management support for Division of Finance and Administration (DFA) initiatives and projects, as well as for certain campuswide projects. Our focus is on increasing efficiencies and improving services to campus.

The PDE unit is committed to providing prompt and personalized customer service to all within DFA and the university community.

We strive to provide timely responses to inquiries, assist with solutions to the extent possible, and provide clear communication on follow-up actions.

Please contact us. We are happy to help!

Areas of Service

  • CRIT (Campus Recovery Implementation Team): UCI's Campus Recovery Implementation Team (CRIT) was established in May 2020 to support the Chancellor's Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) in campus reengagement efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. They continue to help navigate issues by reviewing changes to applicable guidance, providing analyses, making recommendations for campus operational activities, and monitoring progress. Contact CRIT at
  • Oracle Exploratory Project: DFA completed the Oracle Cloud Financials (OCF) exploratory projectReplacement of the campus financial system will not be further pursued at this time.

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PDE Project Resources
DFA IT Projects

IT Project Portfolio

  • Completed Conference Room upgrades for 23 DFA conference rooms
  • Presented initial draft of the business systems roadmap to CFO cabinet
  • Conducting Current State analysis for Financial Services Cashnet2 project
  • Reviewing consultant’s FM Third Party Evaluation report
  • Implementing Utility Billing Automation with SkySpark
  • Working on migrating remaining DFA website applications from WebAuth to Shibboleth authentication

DFA Information Security Program

  • Completed PDSI assessments of ~160 applications in DFA inventory
  • Working on draft DFA Incident Response Plan and
  • Working on Training Materials for key DFA cyber security roles
Recent Accomplishments

Continuous Improvement Efforts

  • Case Reduction Partnership: The UCI UCPath team is collaborating with the UCPath Center, HR, and Payroll on a pilot project to close outstanding cases reported by UCI users. Since mid-October, the UCI support team has closed 39 UCPC cases; the total cases closed by UCI in that time is 97.

  • Transactor Web Page Improvements in Process: To make job aids, documents, resources, and support materials easier to find, we are reorganizing the content on our transactor web page. If you would like to contribute ideas on topics, please email us at We welcome your feedback!

  • Updated UCPath System Access (Security) Web Page: The UCI UCPath team has updated its UCPath System Access (Security) web page. Transactors can visit it to find out how to request access to UCPath and learn more about the UCPath Access Request process, UCPath Roles by Functional Area, reference materials, training, and more.

  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Yellow Belt Projects:
    • General Ledger (GL) Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Yellow Belt Project: The UCI UCPath GL team is making great progress on their project to improve the GL support experience, reduce issue resolution time, and reduce the number of service requests. They are working with the EEC, Accounting, and Fiscal Services to make changes that increase efficiency by reducing or eliminating duplicate touchpoints between the teams working to resolve tickets, which results in faster ticket resolution for GL users.
      Launch Date: July 2022
      Anticipated Completion Date: April 2023

    • Pay Training Improvements LSS Yellow Belt Project: The UCI UCPath team collaborated with Payroll to implement processes to reduce the number of tickets and calls for missed or incorrect pay by 35% over a four-month period, exceeding their goal.

    • EEC Reporting to Drive Process Improvement:  Cathy Ruggera and Marie Rademaker-Alford led an LSS Yellow Belt project to develop a quarterly analysis report that helps the UCI UCPath team align training tools, resources, and communication for transactors. The new report is currently being used to drive process improvements.

  • Finance Workshops: The UCI UCPath team completed workshops on UCPath financial and General Ledger (GL) functionality with the Merage School of Business, the School of Computer Sciences, and the Executive Support team. The team is currently working with the School of Law and inviting other schools to participate starting in January. If your school is interested in a workshop on UCPath financial and GL functionality between UCPath and KFS, please contact us at

  • GRLN Task Force (aka “Lived Name” Project)
    The UCI UCPath team is working with UCPath and other campuses to implement the changes to UCPath required to support the GRLN Policy.  The changes are tentatively scheduled to deploy in June 2023.
  • Improvements in Opening ‘Ask UCPath’ Cases
    UCPath is working with campus representatives to implement some improvements in how cases are opened and searching for answers. Look for changes this Spring.
  • Salary Cost Transfer Process ImprovementsImprovements to the Salary Cost Transfer Process are currently being tested. Stay tuned for updates on when they will be available.

  • Reports and Dashboards (VPN Connection Required)

    Position Funding Audit Report (RUCI92) - REBUILT  
    KFS Suspense Account Audit Dashboard 

    Note: The HR Dashboard is being rebuilt with new functionality and should be available by the end of the year.  

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Georgana Thompson Simonowitz
UCI UCPath Project Director

Debbie Kistler
Manager of Change, Communications, and Training

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