DFA Human Resources

DFA Human Resources focuses on implementing strategic Human Resource (HR) initiatives, interpreting and applying HR policies and practices, delivering consistent and complete onboarding and off-boarding procedures, and serving as an HR central contact point for topics related to employee and labor relations, talent acquisition, compensation and classification, benefits, and other related processes.



DFA requires all KSAMS access/removal requests for additions/deletions to be submitted via DocuSign using the KSAMS Security Access Request Form accompanied by the DFA KSAMS Routing Slip. Forms are available on the DFA resources homepage

Please complete this on the KSAMS Access Request form. Next, please complete the DFA Routing Slip. Route both forms via DocuSign to the following individuals in the following order:

  1. Supervisor (Signer)
  2. Department Head (Signer)
  3. Jessica Soto – (Initials) Initial routing slip upon review
  4. Grace Crvarich, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Process Improvement (Signer)